Sir Walter Hungerford of Farleigh (died 1516) fought for Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth Field. He served on the Privy Council for both Henry VII and Henry VIII.

Walter Hungerford was the youngest son of Robert Hungerford, 3rd Baron Hungerford and Eleanor. He was M.P. for Wiltshire in 1477, and, as a partisan in earlier days of the house of Lancaster, obtained a general pardon from Richard III on his accession in 1483. He was, nevertheless, arrested by Richard on the landing of the Earl of Richmond in 1485, but escaped from custody, and joined Richmond's army. At the battle of Bosworth he slew, in hand-to-hand combat, Sir Robert Brackenbury, lieutenant of the Tower of London, under whose command he had previously served, and was knighted by Henry VII on the battlefield.

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