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Welcome to the Richard III of England WikiEdit

King Richard III of England and the world in which he lived - roughly the timespan 1450 to 1500, the transition between 'the medieval period' and 'the Renaissance.'

So long as the topic belongs in the timeframe it is welcome. Links to other websites and wikis are also welcome - including those more concerned with the later Middle Ages and early Renaissance.

Richard III is one of the more controversial - or at least most discussed - figures in medieval English history, and the Battle of Bosworth, in which he was killed, is often used as a convenient transition point for the end of the Middle Ages in England.

This wiki aims to cover primarily the people, places and things Richard knew or would have known or heard about, and the events of his lifetime. Articles covering the wider world in the period in which he lived are also welcome.

While emphasis is likely to remain on the European region, persons and events in the rest of the world can be covered (and, if known and/or practical, the lines of communication with Europe).

See also Conventions adopted in this wiki, Things to be done and Other related wikis.

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    New page: Alfonso the Magnanimous KG (also Alphonso; Catalan: Alfons; 1396 – 27 June 1458) was the King of Aragon (as Alfonso V), Valencia (as Alfonso III),...
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    New page: William de Berkeley, 1st Marquess of Berkeley (1426 – 14 February 1492) was an English peer, given the epithet "The Waste-All" by the family...
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    New page: The Bishop of Dunkeld is the ecclesiastical head of the Diocese of Dunkeld, one of the largest and more important of Scotland's 13 medieval...
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    New page: The Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, or Lord Chancellor, is a senior and important functionary in the government of the United Kingdom. He is...
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    New page: From the longer Wikipedia page [1] Gilbert de Bourbon, Count of Montpensier (1443 – October 15, 1496, Pozzuoli) was the son of Louis de Bourbon and...
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  • new page Teutonic Order
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    New page: The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem (Official names: Latin: Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum...
  • new page Lord High Steward
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    New page: The position of Lord High Steward of England is the first of the Great Officers of State. The office has generally remained vacant since 1421, except...
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  • new page Buckingham's rebellion
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    New page: From the Wikipedia page [1] which has a list of participants. Buckingham's rebellion was a failed but significant uprising, or collection of...
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  • new page George Shoreswood
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    New page: George Shoreswood or Schoriswood (died 1462 × 1463), was a prelate active in the Kingdom of Scotland during the 15th century. He appears to have been...
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