Master of the Mint was an important office in the governments of Scotland and England, and later Great Britain, between the 16th and 19th centuries. The Master was the highest officer in the Royal Mint. Until 1699, appointment was usually for life. Its holder occasionally sat in the cabinet. The office was abolished as an independent position in 1870, thereafter being held as a subsidiary office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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The Masters for the period are:

  • 1446–1459 Robert Manfield
  • 1459-1461 Sir Richard Tonstall
  • 1461-1483 William Hastings (executed 1483)
  • 1483-1485 Sir Robert Brackenbury (killed at Bosworth,1485)
  • 1485–1490 Sir Giles Daubeney
  • 1492-1493 Sir Bartholomew Reed and Sir John Shaa
  • 1493–1494 Sir Bartholomew Reed and Robert Fenrother
  • 1495–1498 Sir Bartholomew Reed and Sir John Shaa